Disclosure Policy

Welcome to Coupons By Lisa-Simone.

My goal is to help you learn how easy it is to save money on your everyday purchases. The reason I started the site was because I am always running into people who want to know where I get my coupons or what I’m doing. I figured it was easier to tell them to check out my site to get the low down on coupons and deals.

I will post about products and deals that I feel may be of interest or of benefit to you. In some of these posts, I may use affiliate links which will result in some monetary gain to me. I work with companies through affiliate programs, third party ads and occasional sponsored posts. When you print coupons from Coupons By Lisa-Simone, or shop through some posted links, I earn a small fee. However, this does not influence my posts. The decision is yours if you want to use these links and deals. If you would prefer not to use them, then feel free not to click on the links.

Although money is being earned through some of the links, this does not influence my posts. I will always post about the best deal that benefit you. Any sponsored content is my personal opinion being expressed by me. I will not share products that I don’t like and are not family friendly or does not apply to saving you money.

I am here to help you. If you have questions about the affiliate links, or just want to talk about coupons, feel free to email me at coupons@lisasimone.net

Thanks for joining me in couponing.