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Printable Coupons FAQ

Do I need to Download Printer Software?

Yes, if the site you are trying to print from requires the software. In most cases it is a safe browser add-on that is necessary to enable your computer to build and print your coupons.  The software is required so that the printed coupons print with the security information that conforms to the manufacturer and retailers requirements for redemption.

Can I print from my mobile device?

Yes, allows you to easily print from your mobile device.

Do I need to Download the Printer Software Each Time I print?

No, not if you are printing from the same site.  Once the software is installed, it will be available to you every time you print; unless there is an update at which time you will be prompted to update the software.

My coupons printed without a barcode or with missing information

Printable coupons will not work without a barcode.  If your coupon prints without a barcode, this is usually an issue with java on your computer.  Try to update the java software on your computer to see if that corrects the problem.

Why is the site saying Print Limit Reached when I have not printed the coupon?

This message usually appears when you have printed the coupon the maximum amount of times allowed by the manufacturer (usually 2).  It also appears when the total master print limit (set by the manufacturer) has been reached.  Example, a manufacturer may release 100,000 printable coupons and once it reaches 100,000, the coupon will no longer be available to print. When you see this screen it generally means the print limit has been reached.

How many coupons can I print out?

Most coupon sites allow you to print two coupons per computer.  Print one and then go back to the link and print the second one.

Can I make copies of the coupon?

Nope.  Making copies of coupons is illegal. Printable coupons have their individual security features embedded in each coupon. If you make a copy and the store unknowingly accepts it, they will not get reimbursed for it from the manufacturer.  It will be caught as fraudulent by the coupon clearinghouse.  This makes it bad for all couponers who are sticking to the rules. Don’t do it.

couponfaqPrinting Tips:

– Make sure you download the newest version of Java.

– Keep your printer drivers updated by going to the printer’s manufacturer website to check if there are any updates available.

– Try switching to a different browser.  Example, if you are using Internet Explorer/Edge, open up Firefox or Chrome (another browser) and check if that helps with printing.  Sometimes the settings in a particular browser may prevent the application from running properly.

– Check your Firewall or Virus Protection settings as they may be blocking the coupon printing software from working.  You may need to disable them. Just remember to re-enable them when done if you turn them off. This should be a last resort test.