Intro to Couponing

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I started couponing in 2011 because money was tight and I wanted to watch my budget. I thought it was very overwhelming and I would never be able to get organized. I tried a few different ways and found what worked for me. So I’ve put together how I do my couponing successfully. I can’t tell you how many time’s I’ve been grocery shopping and have been stopped by someone asking where do I get my coupons and how to start. Now I can direct them to my site and make it easier. It’s nice to get things for free and even make some extra money to go towards what I’m purchasing. Now you can do it too … Here’s how to duplicate what I do in the stores every time I go shopping.

Let’s Begin

shopping_girl1First, you need to change the way you shop and eat … Seriously!

flower_pink Stop going to the grocery store to buy food for dinner.

flower_pink Stop making weekly menus tied to a grocery list to purchase expensive foods.

flower_pink Stop wasting your money going to the wholesale clubs and purchasing bulk foods.

flower_pink Stop making those last minute trips to the store.

Start cooking and planning your meals according to what you buy on sale

flower_pink Start cooking according to what’s on sale.

flower_pink Start shopping with coupons while the products are on sale.

flower_pink Start shopping and stocking up while the products are cheap or even free.